Bubble Tea 7 is one of the first place with bubble tea drinks in Warsaw, PL and also one of my first commission. 
I'm responsible for the company visual branding and partly marketing – from logo designing, technical stuff, front-shop visualizations, up to every single image for every kind of print/online advertising.

Elements of my graphic work:
- webdesign + hosting and administration
- stationary design (business cards, letterheads)
- print media (leaflets, cards, invitations, posters, menu, advertising roll-ups, stickers, canvas bags)
- web graphics and illustrations (online and print marketing, products: tote bags etc)
Logo design
Current shop
Current shop
Second shop, closed couple of years ago
Second shop, closed couple of years ago
Couple examples of the graphics created throughout the years, done for social media marketing.
Facebook page and first version of the webiste
Different possible variations of the company's logo
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