Hello, I'm Lan, a Warsaw based, freelance graphic designer and illustrator. 
Mostly I've been doing logo design, branding, editorials, prints and all kinds of online graphics. I'm also interested a little bit in webdev. As a geeky designer and early-adopter I'm always open to new things and challenges.
For the last 5 years I've been working with small businesses, private people as well as NGOs and grassroots projects.
🖊️  Skills
Adobe Photoshop • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe InDesign • Adobe After Effects •
Adobe Lightroom • Adobe Premiere • DaVinci Resolve Photography • HTML • CSS

🐧 Social projects
Equality, women, LGBTQIA+ and other minorities issues are especially close to my heart.
I have collaborated with NGOs like Lambda Warszawa, Manifa Warszawa, Humanity in Action, Abortion Dream Team, Kids Code Fun (design mentor)

🏀 All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
In spare time I'm also engaged in many kinds of social and cultural activities:
•founded and have been organizing an all-women+ inclusive basketball group laski+ grają w kosza (Gals+ Play Basketball) and  i co-organized the 1st Women's+ Amateur Equality Basketball Tournament
•as a part of feminist informal group Porozumienie Kobiet 8 Marca I co-organize an annual feminist street demonstration Manifa Warszawa for the last 4 years
•participated in socially and politically engaged theatre projects as an actress/performer, "Constitution for the Chorus of Poles", w reż. Marta Górnicka, "Vietnam/Warsaw" reż. Aleksandra Jakubczak)

taking pictures as an amateur, often of street protests and gatherings
•DJ-ing and organizing parties as 1/2 of Poważne Dziewczyny collective, often supporting NGOs and informal groups of activists
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